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Label films are one of the fastest growing sectors of the polypropylene film market. Label applications fall into 3 main sectors, Accrued Plastic Ltd can offer label films in various gauges for the following markets:


label mainSelf Adhesive Labels

Wrap Around Labels

In Mould Labels 


Label films are available in a number of core densities to enable greater yield performance and efficiency in conversion costs. Label film density is available in ranges from 0.96g/cm³ down to 0.55g/cm³.


Shelf appeal; the superior gloss and clarity of the transparent films enables end users to create a “no label look” on their converted product, whether it be in a wrap around label application or pressure sensitive face stock application. Metallized label options enable end users to differentiate their product on the shelf with an enhanced metallic appearance.


Utilising Accrued Plastic’s warehousing facility and on-site slitting facilities we can offer a stock holding / distribution system tailored to meet your business requirements. Your Accrued representative is available to discuss any aspect of your label film requirements with you.

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